Private health insurance still affordable in old age?

Private health insurance still affordable in old age?

For many people, the question “Can I still pay for my private health insurance in old age?” Is one of the most important when it comes to choosing the right health insurance.

In the media is reported to it gladly and frequently, usually under the tenor “PKV in the age is priceless”. In most cases, examples of pensioners are presented, which support this thesis.

When I read, hear and see that, I always get really angry. Because only half the truth is proclaimed here.

Yes, of course, there are pensioners whose contribution to the private health insurance increases to over 1,000 euros in old age. And yes, there are many retirees who can not afford this contribution because they simply lack the money.

What is not cleared about:

  1. There are possibilities for every PKV insured also in retirement age. You do not have to pay horrendous contributions, there are choices. Which and how many depends on the individual case.
  2. Anyone who thinks ahead when deciding on the private health insurance and buys a quality tariff, prevents a contribution explosion at retirement age. Responsible consumer action and expert advice are necessary here.

So that consumers (and also intermediaries) can recognize what is really important in the topic of “Private Health Insurance in Old Age”, I have published a study in my capacity as Managing Director of the independent market observer

For the first time, it has been possible to obtain concrete existing customer contributions from insurance companies. This makes it clear what we really talk about in euros when it comes to PKV in old age.

There is also a detailed part with recommendations for action from me. These are based on my more than 25 years of experience in health insurance.

My desire is for consumers to prepare for their counseling sessions with facilitators and to confront them with critical questions. Obtaining a second opinion before buying – with me or an insurance consultant colleague, worth it and I put everyone’s heart.

If there is already a private health insurance, I highly recommend that you have it checked – both on their performance as well as on their future orientation. The earlier you act, the better. For this, insurance advisors like me or my colleagues are particularly suitable. We will provide you with a technically savvy and certainly independent advice that is tailored exactly to your individual situation.

The action-oriented call for “back to the statutory health insurance” as the sole salvation-inducing solution is not expedient and for many people financially not the right way. Consumers should be sure to keep calm and seek expert advice before taking action.

There are countless options for action, which have to be checked cleanly in order to make a good decision and not get away from the rain.