Private Health Insurance in Old Age: What to do?

Private health insurance still affordable in old age? For many people, the question “Can I still pay for my private health insurance in old age?” Is one of the most important when it comes to choosing the right health insurance. In the media is reported to it gladly and frequently, usually under the tenor “PKV […]

What is a Health Insurance Premium?

   A medical insurance premium is a sum of money paid to a healthcare provider to ensure healthcare coverage from that provider for a limited period of time. By collecting premiums, you must create insurance companies a pool of funds from which benefits can be paid. In many cases, additional fees known as the deductible […]

Register for Health Insurance

No matter how healthy you live, you cannot prevent yourself from occasionally becoming ill and needing medical care. It happens to everyone now and then and nobody is spared. You can register for DKV or another insurance policy, but the best insurance policy is different for everyone. One person needs more medical care than another, […]